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Finally decided to register and join.

I am also in the Facebook group.
I have a 2015 SE DCT, 126,xxx miles
Overall I enjoy the car, an ST wasn't in the budget. Bought this outright 2 years ago used from a dealer for $8k out the door in Florida, like 85k miles or so. It was a necessity since we sold one vehicle when we left Michigan. Our other vehicle is a 2008 Town and Country Touring.

First car I've owned Ive ever really had the freedom, time or money to mess with. So far the mods are:

FSWerks Green Filter Intake
FSWerks Stealth Exhaust
FSWerks Rear Motor Mount
Steeda Rear Sway Bar
180° Thermostat
MST Intake Hose
63mm Throttle Body (eco boost mustang)

Probably some Raceland Coilovers next, and eventually like some 18x8.5 rims/tires.

Thanks for having me, hope to engage and learn more here.
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