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I called on Dec. 28 17 and ordered 2 Tires for my Focus , I told the guy I needed them by the following Thursday Jan 6 18

I understand they cannot guarantee the arrival date but was told where they were coming from and we both felt they would make it in time

Fast forward to Monday , Tires where in my Town and out for delivery , BB Wheels calls Fedex and has the tires returned , claimed they shipped the incorrect tires , No big deal its Monday time to still get some shipped in

Except BB Wheels didnt call me , didnt email me , didnt even attempt to contact me and let me know there was a problem

I call BB Wheels on Thursday and ask for a tracking and get it and still they dont say anything about an issue , I call BB Wheels back and ask whats going on , 15 min on the phone and got no answer what happen , why they didnt call me , NOTHING , I ask they get shipped to Mexico where this Focus is , Nope cant do that , 5 more Min going back and forth why they WONT not cant do that because I told him I would use my Fedex Commercial account and have the tires picked up and get them delivered to Mexico , NOPE by this time I was pissed , I said look all you have to do is walk the dam tires to the fedex truck and be done with it , guy hangs up on me for cussing

I call back and ask for the owner and I get the owner and tell him what happen just like I typed above , Owner said if I talked to him like I talked to his employee he will DAM well hang up on me as well and then hung up on me anyway , I guess its ok for the owner to cuss customers but not customers say dam to an employee

Its the 17th and my bank still talls me as of 10am this morning the money still isnt back into my bank account , I used a debit card so it doesnt take this long

Very bad place to do business , I highly recommend using another Tire store , Im going back to tirerack they just didnt have these in stock , I should of waited

Now its going to cost me about 200.00 to ship the tires here and 21-28% import tax and about 75.00-100.00 for a broker vs throwing them on the plane with me and paying about 50.00 now its going to be over 300.00 just to get them here

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