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Here's a quick & inexpensive "temporary fix" for a charging system failure caused by a poor connection between a battery lug & a cable coming from it.

Drill a small hole into the lug where the cable is & fill the hole with solder. The hole should go through the cable (inside the lug), but not all the way through the far side of the lug. To solder, remove the lug from the negative post & heat it with a propane torch (a heavy duty soldering iron might suffice), & fill the blind hole with rosin core solder. It's important to melt the solder via contact with the lug/cable in the hole; Don't apply heat directly to the solder from a propane torch or solder gun, as it might result in a poor solder connection. Also, don't use plumber's solder as it has a corrosive flux that can damage the battery cable over time.

An alternative to solder: Screw a self tapping screw into the hole.

A poor ground connection might explain why your battery light is on. After my battery light came on, a voltmeter indicated that the alternator was over-charging; I measured voltage as high as about 15.2 volts at the power point. The problem turned out to be the battery ground where the cable that attaches to the body is connected to the negative lug; I measured a 1.4 ohm resistance between the lug & the cable just outside of the lug.

Even if you intend to replace the cable(s) or repair the cable another way, this is a simple, quick, no-cost way to avoid the potential damage to your lights, alternator, & electronics that running with high voltage can cause. It can buy you time until you do your permanent fix.
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