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I just bought a 2007 Ford Focus ZX4 with auto trans and it has a battery drain issue. If the car isn't started for about 5-7 days, the battery goes completely dead. The battery is 7 months old and it tested good...

I did a parasitic draw test and I found that the draw was about 0.15 amps or 150 milliamps. This seemed like a high reading, so I unplugged each fuse and found out the fuse for the radio (position 31) and the fuse for the AC switch/instrument panel (position 35) would affect the amp draw.

Removing the radio fuse would bring the amp draw down to 80 milliamps. Removing the AC switch/instrument panel fuse would also bring the draw down to about 80 milliamps. Removing both fuses would bring the amp draw down to 10 milliamps.

I'm wondering if the radio and AC switch/instrument panel fuses are part of the same circuit and some other component is causing the amp draw. Could there be a problem with "both" the radio and the AC switch? Does anyone know the normal amp draw for this car? Thanks for your help!
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