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Bass Boost and LPF Crossovers

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I've recently got a new amp, its an alpine MRP M500 and its 500W rms. Its powering a pair of 12" subs in sealed boxes.

Anyway, I've installed it, it looks nice and its loud but I'm still playing about with the settings and I've got a few questions.

Firstly, does anybody use the bass boost control? Whats the point in it? Surely if I wanna boost the bass I can just turn up the gain and/or turn up the subwoofer control on my headunit. Anyone know exactly what it does?

Secondly, what do you lots have your crossover frequencies set at? I'm trying to get a smooth transition between the subs and normal speakers across the frequency range. At the moment I've got the HPF crossover freq for the normal speakers set at 100Hz and the LPF crossover for the subs at about 150Hz. It sounds OK I think but is that too much overlap, too little, should I shift both crossovers up or down a bit? Any thoughts or opinions would be much appreciated.
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I don't use any bass boost with any of my amps , I adjust everything through the high pass and low pass on the crossovers to find the sound I'm looking for.
I try to keep my bass frequencies pretty low I think around 80 to 90 htz I think don't quote me on that . But I'm not a bass booming person either .

On the gain you want to cut everything down as low as possible , subs ..Since I assume you just have the 1 amp .
Put in a cd and adjust the volume to the listening level that you use . Slowly turn your gain up until you start to hear distortion or breaking up then turn it back down 1/4 turn and it will be set.
Then you can adjust your crossover's from there.

But like Focusboy5 said it's all about the way you like it in the end .
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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