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Bad Rear Shock

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Alright, so I've got a BRP rear strut tower bar that you install on the rear struts, and I noticed that I get clunking from my rear shocks. I've tried tightening the nut on top, and that made the clunking worse, and I tried loosening the nut, but the clunking is still there. I know it is coming from the shocks, cause I could hear it when i pushed down on the back end, the noise was coming from there. Anyone with the BRP rear strut bar have this same problem? Its possible that my rear eibach pro dampers have gone bad also, but I really don't know which is the problem. Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.[thumb]
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Hey thanks man, I'll take a look at that to see if that could be the problem.
I looked in the haynes for the torque specs on that nut, but how the heck
would you torque the nut when you cant put a socket on there and hold the center
part still at the same time? More input would be much appreciated.
Just went out and took the nut off and the rubber piece and bushing off to look at
them, and they looked fine, and I noticed what you meant by there is a void left. Anyway,
when I was going to put the strut bar back on the passenger side, the center thing you
put it on easily compressed and went down instead of staying still in its current position like
the drivers side did. So the drivers side stays put when i put a little weight on it (weight of strut bar), yet the passenger side compresses very easily when i try to put the strut bar back on. Does this mean one of my rear shocks are bad, and if so which one?
Ok, my passenger side shock is definitely bad. The drivers side piston doesn't budge when i put pressure on it at the top, yet the passenger side goes down pretty easily.
Plus, I just remembered that the back passenger side is the only tire I've had rub in the past.
Now it makes sense..........

YAY for eibach's million mile warrenty. Hopefully they won't give me a hard time about getting a new one.
I am sending the shock to McNews Automotive where they will contact eibach and send them back to eibach. So I should be getting a new shock sent to me for pretty much free. All I have to pay for is to ship the bad shock to McNews. I'm going to be removing the bad shock tonight, and installing one of my old stock ones. I hope it'll ride alright with one eibach shock and one stock. I'm sure it couldn't be any worse than riding on one good eibach shock and one blown eibach shock. Hopefully this will be a smooth process with eibach and McNews. I'll keep you guys updated.
Tried 2 different days to get the lower bolt for the eibach shock off with no luck.
So I bought a 550 ft/lb impact and got it off today, the 250 ft/lb impact just wasn't cuttin it.
Got the stock shock on, and took a test drive and its way smoother now.
I could hear an annoying vibration back there at idle before, because of having
all 3 poly motor mounts, but the vibration back there is gone now.
Must have been the rear shock.
Now I just gotta send the eibach shock in, and wait for my new one.
Until then, the stock one is working fine. A big upgrade from the blown eibach.
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