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Bad Rear Shock

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Alright, so I've got a BRP rear strut tower bar that you install on the rear struts, and I noticed that I get clunking from my rear shocks. I've tried tightening the nut on top, and that made the clunking worse, and I tried loosening the nut, but the clunking is still there. I know it is coming from the shocks, cause I could hear it when i pushed down on the back end, the noise was coming from there. Anyone with the BRP rear strut bar have this same problem? Its possible that my rear eibach pro dampers have gone bad also, but I really don't know which is the problem. Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.[thumb]
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the rubber seat/bushing thin at the top of the shock mount has a void underneath that big brass washer thing. stiff shocks/or slightly over tight bolt will cause the empty space to collapse under movement. Many people have put shims in there to remove the void. I myself just cut an 1/8" thick piece of neoprene to fill the gap and presto, no more noise.

heres the how-to to show the parts im talking about
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