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Back yard fix of front bumper cover

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Purchased the car this way and there was no undercarriage damage; just the center lower cover broken off. The owner didn't have the missing piece and I don't want to source even a scrap yard cover.

Sooo... looking for a quick fix that is structural as well as somewhat cosmetic.

Not sure where to come up with a plastic piece at all so was thinking of angle Al. Even Al sheet custom cut and bent to match then overlap it inside and pop-rivet/epoxy it into place. with body putty could mold it in better and paint to match? [dunno] I know the stock lower curves out slightly but am hoping that a straight piece will suffice?

Any suggestions are welcome. I'm NOT a body person, just mechanical. [wrenchin]

Edge view:

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Found one about 3 hours away for $375. I need to know what a new one is...
Did you find one that is listed as SAP? They are increasingly hard to find and thus tend to cost more. I'd say the $375 price is fair if its the right cover. Full SVT front end always looks good, especially if you still have the side skirts. They flow really well with the rear SAP bumper
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