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AZ Rally Group will be holding a driver school on Febuary 1st (the day after the first regular rallycross event of 2015).

Register at
Entry cost will be $65. A little more than our typical events, but you should get significantly more seat time.
Note: due to the nature of this event, there will be no on-site registration. We need to be able to organize the student/mentor pairings before the event.

We've recruited the fastest drivers out of our group to act as mentors for this event (meaning they will ride along, give tips, teach you how to go fast, etc.). Whether you're just starting out or have a few years of experience, our mentors will be able to help you go faster.
I'm hoping to assign two different mentors to each student so you can get more variety of feedback. If you have a preference over who you want as a mentor, include it in the comment box on your registration (first to register gets dibs).

General format of the event:
Morning - The course will be broken into three common features. Students will concentrate on each of these for ~20 minute intervals before moving to the next.
Early Afternoon - All features will be linked together into a coherent course. Students will apply everything they've learned to reduce their lap times. Instructors will continue riding along to give advice. We'll try to have this finished by ~2:00pm so the football fans can leave in time to prep and watch the game.
Later in the Afternoon - Free-for-all runs. Course will be open for mentors and students to run. Students are encouraged to ride along with their mentors to see firsthand how the fast guys (and gals) take the course. We ask that you split this optional time fairly evenly between running and working course.
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