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Auto to manual what do I need? 2.0 duratec

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Ok...... So deal is I have a 10 sedan and it is automatic. I recently lost my reverse and then the whole trans all together. [dunno] I see this as a perfect opportunity to swap to five speed. While I do know it's hard work and a nice amount of money for a million parts. I would like some advice on what I'm missing and hopefully what to watch out for.

This is what I have so far and/or what I'm looking to get

Flywheel/ clutch
Short shifter
Clutch pedal
Master cylinder
Slave cylinder
Transmission wiring harness
The sensors for reverse and ignition
Shift cables

I know I'm most likely missing parts. What am I missing? Lol

I would love the help and return I would like to make a how to on this.

Thanks in advance!!

P.s. I'm in no rush and I hope to find a donor car to kill all this searching but I've been looking for a long time and it does not seem to be looking that way[sleep]
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I did this in an old Ranger I had.

In addition to all the things you listed, don't forget that the brake pedal in automatics is much wider than manuals.. and also, most automatics have electronically controlled shift points, etc. so, if you find a donor car, you may have to snag the ECU, as well. I would imagine finding an accessible location for the slave cylinder will be a task, too, since it's fwd. Best of luck! Keep us updated.

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Look at older threads for tips, since this has been done before on other ones both newer & older.

Pedal setup should be a unit for the brake/clutch, swapped as a whole.
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