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hey guys i just bought a 2000 se auto for 3500 with 60,00 miles.. ive already bought a option racing short ram intake and a magnaflow exhuast. im looking for some more power, what do you guys think would be the next upgrade i should do? not being to pricey

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a header and tune are really the last 2 performance parts i'd reccommend considering on a automatic focus
i'm now on my second focus and the first one was an automatic and had the following mods:
svt header
svt air box
borla exhaust
under drive pulley
stage 2 cams
adjustable cam gears

and the only mods that i thought were really worth spending any money on where the svt header, exhaust and tune
other than that the automatic just doesnt let you take advantage of the mods my new focus is a manual and all stock its nearly as fast as the old focus was!
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