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Audio Sounds Suggestions

Audio Suggestion

i drive a ford ranger extended cab
i have a clarion head unit and 7 band EQ..

with subwoofers i was thinking about either two 10" or 12" (dual voice coils) Infinity Kappa's
6 1/2" rounds either two or four hooked to amp in the rear and for the front two little hanging tweeters and take out the orignals and put 5x7 kappa and also new ones for the front..

im looking for two amplifiers mono amp around 700 to 750 rms watts and a 180 to 200 watts rms amplifier for the 6 1/2" rounds im really interested in Zapco amplifiers either reference or competition...

if any suggestions im willing to listen and learn...
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Try Pioneer's ts-sw1242 shallow mount subs. They only need 3 1/4" mounting depth, and with the right power, they pound. I have done several Ranger's sound systems and used all kinds of stuff from 15's with blow through boxes to these new Pioneer flat subs. Feel free to ask for tips and tricks, I work at Audio Express.
Also check into Boston Acoustic's SL 80 series speakers for replacing your interior factory speakers. I run all Rockford Fosgate amp's, Boston's inside, and Rockford T1 12's in the trunk. I have won SQ comp's and db drag's.
If you're thinking about stepping up to Zapco Comp amps, then you might want to consider better components, like Seas Lotus, Morel Elate, Buwalda Hybrids, or perhaps Zapco's components.

Excellent components for less money, would be Oz Audio Matrix Elite, Phoenix Gold Ti-Elite, Polk SR6500, or going fully active with a variety of drivers from Seas, Scan Speak, Morel, Dayton Reference, and the above mentioned brands.

Other amps to consider, DLS Ultimate, Arc Audio, Genesis, Audison.

Subs, Soundsplinter, Image Dynamics, Seas, DLS, Peerless XXLS, Dayton Reference, TC Sounds.

It basically comes down to your total budget and what you want out of the system. 2-way or 3-way front, passive or active, etc. etc.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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