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ok, so heres where im at

i just bought a VR3 4-channel Amp from a friend, for $20. they sell for like $70 i think. not the greatest amp, but it should get me started. now, i didnt get the cables, but my friend says he has all the cables to hook it up as well.

im also getting a sub from another friend who just wrecked his car, this sub is quality. i've seen/heard it. im pretty sure its JL audio. i think that will hook right up to the amp.

so heres where the fun starts, as i've never done this before. i just want this new sub to be powered by the new amp, not my speakers. as they are stock. i have the audiophile 9006 stereo, which has a stock amp and sub in the back. sooooo, im wondering how things will look when i pull out the stock head unit. and how should i run the wires?
and how should i mount the amp?
can i run both the stock stuff, and the added sub and amp?

here's a link to the amp at walmarts site.

thanks for any advice here guys.
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