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Everyone’s favorite, cranks but no start post. But oh this wouldn’t be your average I feel!

So we’ll begin in June. Replaced thermostat and housing because it was sticking open. Couple weeks later. Driving and notice a god awful smoking, smell, & I’m redlined overheating. Make it to Walmart parking lot and there is a hole melted in my valve cover! o_O right next to the oil cap...had noticed a tiny crack-and when I say tiny I mean pinky fingernail tiny- in the valve cover a couple days before when checking on our handy workmanship of the therm & housing, & assumes it was from all the leaning on that valve cover my boyfriend heavy brother was doing trying to “help”. Didn’t think anything of it, then kapow! Changed the valve cover ASAP, got from the same exact car at P&P and gasket was intact and in seemingly perfect condition. Then the car would start but reeked awful of gas and other smellys from the back and inside the car. It would start and be fine for 60 seconds or so and
Then start to idle HARD, shaking and making a terrible noise to accompany that, if we gave it gas most occasions it would die, but on the other occasions it we let off the gas to change gears it would sputter out and die. We could get it into drive enough to get it down the driveway but power would be so awful it wouldn’t go over 20-30 mph. Oh and It shifted really hard from 1st
To 2nd gear if I got it there. Did our FF research and changed the PCV and accompanying hoses/accessories, changed the DPFE, all the plugs {not the wires}, TPS sensor, did a sea foam treatment...cleaned the MAF, cleaned up all the wiring and yucky stuff from when the valve cover barfed oil all over every orrfice under the hood with the appropriate cleaner. Still had the same problem. Kicked the tire and went inside and ignored it for a few days. Came back out and started it and the problem was LESS rage enducing. Would still have crappy power but I could go a little faster, the longer I drove it the more it seemed to work itself out but still had shotty power. Wasn’t making awful noise as bad but still shook rather hard at stop lights and tried
To die a couple times. If I gassed her she would straighten up for a split second enough to get me off the starting line. And back at it...then one day the unthinkable happened {dripping with sarcasm}. IT DIED. Mid drive. And hasn’t started up since. Will crank and if I pump the pedal it wants to start so bad, but close only counts In horse shoes and hand here I sit. It almost seems like no spark but we changed all 4 plugs AGAIN and still nothing. We’re at a loss. Some have told us blown gasket, some say fuel pump, some say PW, some say junk it..

Since I know this forum is full of magicians, wizards, and the likeness; wave your wands or wrenches and wriggle ur nose and grant me the unending wisdom to bring my hunk of burning love back to life. Or am I just up poo crock without a paddle or boat to float in?

Thanks if you stuck it out long enough.


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