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Anyone see these yet?

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Was looking around, and came across this company that makes decal sets for our cars. Thought it was cool. They do for the front, rear, and steering wheel. There is actually a 'Focus Fanatics' one too.

I am looking at these two...what do you guys think?


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Im personally thinking the zetec theme, but with ST as the logo instead.

Oh, and they do center caps too.
LOl! really? lemme check that out then! i was wondering why they had a FF one lol.

must find them now. thanks! well, maybe others didnt know about them either lol.
ohhh, okay, i found them...they dont have a forum, which is why i had no idea. wonder if i can get some deal from them.
hi, thainks yeah, i found it...for anyone else, this is it:
that do you think about maybe:
silver logo on carbon fiber/black
silver on blue
blue on gray?
this is an example of silver/cf for zetecs...i think this might be best with the LG:
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u guys think that zetec mofit one would look good saying ST instead, with my liquid gray? or more black/silver instead of carbon fiber? or blue/silver?

i dont think i like the black background, but im afraid the CF will be too ricey on the ST.
yeah, thats what i was thinking....hows bout this....? looks pretty classy, just have it say ST instead.....
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yeah, thats what i was thinking....hows bout this....? looks pretty classy, just have it say ST instead.....
so what do u think of this style?

yeah, norcal, looks like they do some good work!
thanks for the input! i think its great.

just as a heads-up to all, i talked to them, and they said that if we all want to order anything for this month, enter the code 'FRESH' and we will get free shipping and handling.
they are, and yes u can choose ur own colors. i dont know if they ship to the UK or not. there are pics and color samples on their page. check them out! im gonna get the ST ones, but im deciding on the '2.0' motif, or brushed aluminum with my liquid gray.
yes, u saw that....the sets come with the front, rear, and steering wheel. ud be all set.
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