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Anyone know what the solution is?

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I have a few minor problems, maybe related, maybe not. I'll lay it all out and we'll see what y'all think.

1)Starting issue
I originally thought maybe this was fixed with the '07 reflash (I took it in with the TSB # for "prolonged start"), but I was wrong. Primarily the issue is once the car has been warmed up, i.e, a quick stop at the store. I'll come out to the car and it cranks awhile (<5 seconds) before it starts and maybe it's my imagination, but it always seems to start after I stop cranking it. It's never not started, but I'd think a car with such low mileage (under 35k) shouldn't be having problems starting. After sitting overnight it always starts up immediately.

2)"Delay" the first time I press the gas in a forward gear
This one needs some explaining, and I have to say that it's fairly consistant. Every time I start the car and back out of the spot/driveway, when I start to go forward and push on the gas, there's a definate delay from the time I push the gas and the car actually starts to go (about a second) and I can feel when it catches. It reminds me of an automatic that's going bad but obviously I don't have a slushbox. It also reminds me of a "sticky" MAF/VAF door or a crack in an intake hose. (Problems I had on my Tracer LTS) A couple times it's actually "bucked" when it's done this, once causing it to actually stall. It only does it immediately after start up. Coming from a stop sign/light doesn't have the same effect.

I can't tell if it's the engine or the front suspension, I even tried killing the engine while it was doing it, but that turned out to be inconclusive. It only seems to be present while the car is warming up (first 1/8 mile or so) but it feels like there's something loose in the suspension or a tire is low. I've checked the pressure and supposedly Ford has as well and the tires are fine. The tires were brand new when I bought the car in May and there aren't any flat spots on them.

4)"Limp Mode"
I mentioned this in another thread and since the reflash it hasn't done it again, but I thought I'd mention it again in case it helps. The Ford dealer claims that the Foci don't have a "limp mode" as such, but that's what it reminds me of. I was terrorizing some on/off ramps without the TC and on both occasions the car lost all power and "knocked/vibrated" heavily, while not allowing me to accellerate over about 40MPH for about 1 mile. The CEL flashed for about 5 mins afterwards but supposedly didn't store a code. After the reflash I took the technician on a drive and tried to re-create the problem but of course it didn't act up again. I've been afraid to try to make it do it again with just me in the car. Thankfully both times it did happen I had other people in the car so at least I know I'm not going crazy.

Other than that Ms. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

Even with these minor problems I really am happy with my choice. The only other issue I have with the car is the range on the remote. It really sucks! I know it's not the remote itself because I programmed the remote to work with my car and my wife's Taurus at the same time and the range on the Taurus is about double that of the Focus. I actually found out completely by accident that you could program 2 cars to the same remote. The downside to this is that when I go to pop one trunk they both open.

BTW, this site is awesome. I visit at least twice a day from my Blackberry and I bought a couple of the stickers for my rear quarter windows.

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I have never heard the term "limp" or "limp mode" before. Anyone car to enlighten me? Thanks.
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