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Hello all.

I have 2 pioneer Avh-w4500nex's. One in a honda element, and one in a ford focus. The bypass Im trying to use is the 3 wire, black green and blue bypass.

In both cars I have hooked the bypass up per its instructions. Green wire to Green hand brake wire from HU, black to ground wire from harness, blue to blue\white REMOTE wire from HU. On the element the blue\white wire is actually connected to the factory amp. On the focus you cant take advantage of the factory amp with any aftermarket radio, so the blue and white wire is only hooked up to the bypass.

Neither of them will play video during motion. Not really sure how the radio knows unless its the gps antenna ratting me out, but however it knows, it knows. I cant watch from the front seat or access certain menus. Please help me take back control of my radio!

What do I do now? What did I do wrong?

Thank you for your help guys!
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