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Any sugestions Welcome - PZEV filter repl.

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I am wanting to replace the non servicable air box in my 06 zx4 se i atempeted to make my own. I was able to make it work but I was pulling way to much air and it was causing me to pop codes left and right and running really delayed. Any ideas or any aftermarket kits possible as I have found none so far.
Thank you
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Welcome to FF!

There are a couple ways to do it that work, and there are threads/stickies here with info./pictures to help.

Basically two options (cheap style) that are generally called the "stealth CAI".

One involves putting a cone style K&N or equivalent at the end of the MAF tube in it's current location, that gives you a "cold air" system as it's low behind the front splash guard.

The other involves using that MAF tube turned backwards & attached to the rubber connector for the throttle body. Needs more modification, don't forget to turn the MAF to face the right way or you'll get codes.


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Hit up Steeda for their sri. I've had mine for yrs w/ no isuues & it works great in the rain too. Welcome to FF!!!

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It's gonna pull the same amount of air regardless of filter, your MAF's ability to accurately measure the flow is a different issue.
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