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And we should because?

The real situation doesn't change, the only advantages are which is easier for the calculations used more often or what you want to emphasize.

"Only" a gallon more used by the 33mpg example vs. the 50mpg one is an attempt to hide the MAJOR difference of 3 vs. 2 - quite a large percentage improvement.

At the other end of the scale 1Mpg is a big deal, at 5mpg a truck would burn 200 gal. for 1,000 miles and that drops to 166 at 6mpg - 34 GALLONS savings. That's the same 17% improvement as the 14 vs 17mpg example that showed a 1 gal savings for 100 miles.

33% better in the car doesn't add up to much admittedly with lower miles driven. It's still more than $10 at a 300 mile fill up.

Look at the savings in the truck example at a common "fill up" mileage. $136 @$4/gal. is nice pocket change.


P.S. - it DOES kinda show how worry about a couple mpg more or less at around 40 hwy isn't worth much worry, one reason we always comment that exact figuring is needed to even tell any difference there.

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I wonder why Burma and the US are the only one to maintain their historical Imperial system.

US switching to metric will solve some many conversion problems that taken many lives in the process.

Cost isn't a valid point since Canada / UK where able to switch and that was costly (and painful).

Disclaimer: I use both metric and imperial system for work.
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