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Any Fanatics in Germany?

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Just curious if there are any Fanatics in Germany that could help me out. I've been looking around for some Euro parts for my US Focus and I've come across some things on ebay of Germany, but I don't speak German, so I've been relying heavily on babelfish to translate things. I was wondering if someone would be willing to help me out by buying things on my behalf. I could paypal the money for the part to you, and you could buy it and send it to me. If no one wants to do that, would someone be willing to translate messages to the seller for me? Just looking for some help.
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hey I can help you with the french ebay as i speak french fluently but if you want some Euro Parts you don't have to go that far

I have converted my 00 Focus ZTS to full Euro spec with the bumpers, fenders and lights including rear foglights

the only part that I am looking for is the metric gauge cluster only (not the canadian one) but as I am going back to france next summer that issue is solved[hihi]

oops I forgot the site here:
that's the catalogue:]
and here's the site's homepage:

If the site helped you don't forget to drop some FF reputation points
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