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While I try to do as much work as I can on my cars, there are things that I can't do and don't want to (like electronics) so I have to take the car to a place that is reliable and knows what to do.

For instance, I'm going to buy a set of coilovers which I could install myself but I'll need to get the car corner balanced and I can't do this.
I'll also need the camber to be set appropriately and again, can't do this.

I was considering Borelli Motorsports (on Charcot) but I haven't talked to them yet and I'm thinking that their rates are prolly not cheap.

Eventually, even though I'm trying to keep my myself from going bat [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)] crazy on modifications, I'm guessing that I will end up modding the motor and I'll need a place that can tune the ST as well.

Any recommendations?
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