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New guy from Edmonton, Canada. First time owning a Focus, 2001 ES wagon. No mods yet (except a tow dolly). I've owned the car for 3 days now and put a ton of work into it. I'm just getting to know my car but so far I like what I'm seeing. It's just a really clean, stock MKi wagon but I hope to personalize it and make it a little sportier.

I wont waste bandwidth posting pics of a stock MK1.

Some specs;
2001 ES wagon with 5 speed manual and the zetec.
I picked it up for $1100 from a retired couple. 290000 Kilometres on the clock but it's mint. Needed a little maintenance but runs and drives like a champ. Interestingly enough, it spent most of it's life being towed behind a motorhome so it's got some heavy duty dolly mount welded to the frame which I may just keep and turn into a push bar.

Work I've done so far;

1, replaced valve cover gasket
2, new bosch +4 plugs
3, NGK plug wires
4, New coil
5, cleaned the IAC and throttle body.

So far I'm really pleased with it. Plans are to tint all the glass, cut the coils, keep my eyes peeled for some nice 17" wheels, swap in some leather seats, HID conversion.

I may repost some old questions (I promise to use the search function first!) but I'm a vetern greasmonkey and know my way around a wrench.

I'm Steve, pleased to meet you!
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So far so good. It's a little buzzy but I suspect the engine mount may be bad. Haven't checked the heat shields yet but I'm guessing they're cracked and vibrating. It's awfully noisy inside, I was going to get rid of the resonator but now I think I may keep it.

It's pretty peppy and handles real nice for a wagon.

I shaved the badges today to clean it up a bit. Might be spring before I get a chance to drop it and tint it.

It could really use a decent deck though. I think that will be the next mod.

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Yeah that is something you can do in the winter. Plenty of choices. Me, I would get Bluetooth, I wish I had. Convenient.

Yeah it is over 10 years old. Could be a mount. Good luck figuring it out!

Debadging really helps with cleaning it up.
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