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Okay, this isn’t really an amp wire, but the concept is the same - BTW, I read all the previous threads but many of the pictures are no longer up - I also pulled the left wheel and inner fender liner trying to figure this out and didn’t get very far.

What I am trying to do is install a sensor wire for a indoor/outdoor thermostat. The plus is it is thinner than the typical amp wiring. The con is that it is permanently mounted to the sensor and is a fixed length (about 10-15 feet, I think) so I can’t make the run too long (although I suspect I could splice extensions into it).

I also would like to know in case I ever add an amp later on …

The car is a 2002 SE 4-door with automatic.

The options that I see in order of preference:

• Clutch pedal location - looking from inside the car, right below the hood release cable pass-thru, there is a stud with a nut, and above and below the nut are semi-circular plastic cut-outs, approx 1-inch diameter. The nut is painted the same color as the body, and putting a wrench on it didn’t seem to do much - I think it might be spot-welded (maybe it’s just really tight, but I didn’t want to shear it off and find out it was spot-welded). Pressing of the plastic covers with a screwdriver didn’t seem to help much either. I found the general area under the hood and removed one of the push nuts holding on the heat insulation blanket (and lost it), but I couldn’t see anything from that side of the car. (I did notice the brake booster is VERY close to this location, though.) This seems like an obvious choice, but I can’t figure it out. Latest thought is to just use a power drill on the plastic covers and it will come out SOMEWHERE - but I never much liked the brute force method …
• If the clutch pedal location won’t work, I can probably use the grommet mentioned in the FAQ on the link to Josh Wardell’s site (grommet in the drivers door jamb, forward and between the two factory harness plugs. If I did this, I would run behind the fender liner rather than up and behind the hood latch as he did.
• Steering shaft - This was mentioned previously - there is a plastic boot that the steering shaft goes through and I could cut into this and run it that way - or drill right next to it, but I don’t really like cutting new holes in the car, and the clutch cable pass-thru seems obvious if I can make it work.
• Driver’s Door Jamb - There was also a thread about this - there is an un-used grommet with cover at the top of the door jamb. From here, I could run the wire behind the fender liner and out into the engine compartment. The problems with this are that I don’t see a simple way to get from the kick panel area up to the grommet location inside the car, and having the wire coming out by the door jamb (even with split sleeving) looks a bit unprofessional to me.
• I suppose I could pay a stereo shop to do this, but that seems like a lot of trouble and expense as well.

Other thoughts - ideas …

• The reason I want to use this particular wired thermometer is b/c it has an option to illuminate it with a 12V circuit, so it can be lighted when the headlights are on. I previously tried an Acu-Rite (Walmart) wireless sensor and it worked alright, except the batteries died after about a month. I considered doing this again with a different brand (Honeywell or Oregon Scientific), but Honeywell's tech support said the metal in the car might create problems with reception of the remote sensor. Perhaps that is why the Acu-Rite batteries didn’t last, although there are lots of reviews on Amazon of similar experiences. Final question - If I went wireless, some of the units use two AA batteries and a backlight that comes on for 5 seconds when a button is pressed. What would be involved in getting the backlight to come on when the headlights were on and stay on til they went off, and also, if I did that, I could probably use a 12V to 3V converter and run it off the car power, but if I shut the car off, it would essentially be like removing the batteries and I don’t know if that would cause problems.

Thanks in advance for all assistance!!!
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