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I just thought I would share all the videos I accumulated this year from the point I bought my car back in June. All are autocross videos except for the one that is labeled "trackday", which is of course, a track day. All of them are in my SVTF except for BSCC080308_05-09 which was in a BMW Z3 M-coupe. And the first one of those videos was the owner of the car, and not me. All of these were at Bremerton Motorsports Park except for the WWSCC event which was at Cheney Stadium.


Driving the car this year, I've come to the conclusion that this car desperately needs some kind of LSD. It's always a pain trying to plant the power after the sweeping turns and turn arounds. Also, after racing a '08 Civic Si back to back with my car, I really which the SVTF had the lowend grunt that that thing has. The unusually tall gears of the Foci seemed to sometimes play as an advantage and disadvantage depending on the course design. And the Azenis RT-615's though are a really good budget tire, aren't enough tire for my driving. I'll probably be purchasing a set of A6's and a set of Koni's over the winter. But the good points about the car, is I do love how well balanced it is. You can dance that rear end around so easily to help get you around the cones. I also loved the gearbox during the track day. It always kept the engine revs right where they should be and made the car respectablely fast through the straights having such a close ratio. And the brakes are magnificent on the autocross course or the road course!

Hope you guys enjoy.
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