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Be honest with your self, a high performance driving class and lapping track day is just what you need to relax life's stresses! SouthWest MotorSport Road Race Club in Albuquerque, NM provides enthusiasts that opportunity with our upcoming 2 day event.

For new drivers and street cars, attend our drivers school. Learn about you and your car in about 3 hours of classroom work covering many topics relevant to safety, driving, car handling, car control. Then put your new knowledge to work on track with about an hour of track time in 3 sessions. NOTE: School occurs on Saturday only of the weekend!

For verifiable experience drivers and street cars, you're invited to join our lapping group on track for about an hour a day of high speed driving around Sandia Motor Speedways 14 turn 1.65 mile road race course. As a safety oriented friendly environment club, passing is limited to the front and back straights with overtaken driver waveby.

Race prepped car drivers are welcome too. Just beginning, join the school. Experienced? We offer open wheel, vintage, and contemporary groups. As above, about an hour of track time per day.

SWMS is making a special offer for this event! You can pre register at the $140 for 1 day and $195 for 2 days cost up to the day before the event. No procrastination fee unless you arrive on May 6 or 7 and register on site. Go to our club site for registration forms at SWMS Site .

An aerial photo of the track is at that site too. We usually run anti clockwise as our resident englishman says.

For those who want a b rief intro, we offer a lunch time lapping behind a pace car for $20. Prefer to be a course marshal? We're offering a mini marshal school Friday evening at the track. We invite both experienced and novice marshals to join us 1 or both days to work one of the many tasks - tech inspection, pit & grid, registration, timing, corners, etc. For those who would rather watch, visit the track and spectate for FREE.

Own a neat ride? Bring it out and park in the pits to show it off!

If you have questions, email any club member or myself. I amy not check the forum often enough to get your queries answered.

Let's race!
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