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Alarm problems after service @ Ford Dealer

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Hello all![wave] This is only my second thread because this is only my second Focus problem that really has me stumped. Everyone was a great help with the first![ffrocks] So here it is![bawling]

I bought this 2007 Focus ZX5 with no key. I took it straight to the Ford dealer service department on the trailer and they programmed a single new key. So now I have one single key and no remote. The car also had the airbags deployed and replaced and the module was replaced with a used one of the same part number although once installed had a option configuration code(for witch I can't remember the number of course, like B1000 or something) so they programmed that at the same time as well. Anyways I now have the car back and have this problem; if I lock the car from the inside with either front door switch (central locking functions and all doors lock) and then shut the doors and then unlock the car from the outside drivers door with the key the alarm sounds (ya know, horn, 4 ways, the whole panic situation). Also the alarm only sounds when unlocked after 30 seconds of the doors being locked from the door panel switch, if unlocked before 30 seconds I can unlock and open the door from the outside with the key with no alarm event. If I lock it from the outside with the key in the door (the central locking is operational and using this method of locking the car locks all doors) and then unlock it from the outside with the door key the alarm DOES NOT sound. Either way I lock the door (from inside or from outside) I cannot lock/ unlock the door once opened by the door panel switch until I've cycled the ignition on and back off again. I took it back to the dealer and they double checked all their programming and assured me it was correct and advised I replace the door latch.
1. I've tried re-installing the original Airbag Control Module (it was replaced only because it contains a code caused by the deployment) and the car exhibits the same symptoms.
2. I replaced it with one known good as it came out of another Focus I have with no alarm issue. Alarm still sounds.
3. I replaced the door panel lock switch, still sounds.
4. Checked the wiring from the door panel lock switch and door latch to the door jamb connector and continuity is good.
5. I changed the GEM module with one of the same part number out of the car with no alarm issues, nope.


What should my next step in diagnostics be? I've reviewed the wiring diagrams and I'm still not sure I've got a grasp on how this system works. Does the switch send a signal to the GEM and then the GEM locks the latch? Does the latch send a signal to the GEM when I lock the door with the key from the outside? Am I looking for a broken wire inside the car? is there a common place that the loom fails? Could it still be a programming issue? Does the alarm not going of until after 30 seconds or the door panel switch not working until a key cycle make any sense? I highly doubt I'm looking at a failed component at this point, but I'm not sure. [dunno] Please help!
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I cannot lock/ unlock the door once opened by the door panel switch until I've cycled the ignition on and back off again.
I've just checked out my dads '07 ZX3 and his car DOES NOT do this. You can lock/ unlock the doors by the door panel switch immediately after unlocking the door with the key and opening it no matter how it was locked.

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If it is a Ford dealer installed alarm, you can try to put it into valet mode by cycling the key from OFF to RUN 3 times in 10 seconds (if there is a separate alarm light from the instrument cluster's security light it will start to flash in a double flash pattern indicating valet mode is active).

I had to do that on my 2006 ZXW with a dealer installed alarm, as I could lock the doors and arm the alarm with the remote but it wouldn't disarm the alarm when I unlocked it with the remote necessitating the use of the alarm override button to shut the alarm offing.

To my knowledge 00-07 Focus's do not have a built in alarm feature otherwise (a "panic" mode from the remote yes but not a true alarm) and the main security feature is the programmed keys that without them one can not start the car.

As far as remotes go, you can buy either the Ford 4 button remote 8S4T-15K601-AB or 3 button remote 8L3T-15601-AB (the 3 button remote doesn't have the trunk opener button) and are able to program them to the car yourself, just follow the instructions in the owners manual (and probably listed in a forum thread here as well).

You should have had the dealer cut and program a 2nd key when you were there, as with 2 keys you can add more yourself, but with only 1 key you will need to take the car back to the dealership to get a 2nd key cut and (properly) programmed (and I am speaking from experience there as my car only came with 1 key so I had them cut-n-program a 2nd while I had it in for a trans fluid exchange).
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