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For reference see the first picture in this post by WD40:

I just have a general question regarding the black bracket that the engine mount/airbox seem to bolt onto. Is there something that the engine mount bolts to below this? Or is that the only piece responsibe for its mount to the chassis?

I am just wondering this to see if we can remove that bracket if we do not have the airbox any longer.

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There is another bracket that is welded to the frame rail that supports the weight of the engine/trans.

The airbox bracket also has some spacers on it (~15mm maybe) that raise the transmission mount to the proper mounting height. If you don't use anything in place of those spacers, the engine will sit transmission side low in the compartment - and screw up your CV axle angles.

To get the airbox bracket out, you will need to support the transmission from below and then remove the 5 nuts holding the trans mount bracket and remove the trans mount. There are also two 10mm head bolts holding the airbox to the chassis.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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