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Airbag lights stays on even after replacing clock spring

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I bought my 05 Focus ZX3 used in 2008. About a year later, the airbag light starting coming on and staying on. I finally took it in and it was determined the clock spring needed to be replaced, which I did have replaced. The repair shop could not get the light to stay off however, and the airbag light continues to stay on. Now, my son is trying to get the state inspection done, which of course failed because of the light. This shop is telling him of course that the clock spring needs to be replaced after they scanned the system. I'm going to call them tomorrow and would really appreciate any suggestions I could give them besides replacing the clock spring again. Please help! [dunno]
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The spring has to be wound up to be centered in the steering wheel straight ahead position, if not then it will break very quick when one side runs out of ribbon before steering wheel hits the end of its' travel. Literally yanks the end out. I have also made them last longer by modifying the out lead to change its' curvature to allow for more travel before it gets pulled on, any excess moving of the ribbon is what breaks them, they only take so much flexing before the copper inside cracks. Flexing at the very ends is absolute death to them.
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