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Air filter question for 07 ZX3

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I drive a completely stock 2007 ZX3, 2.0 w/ 5spd. I have put about 5,000 on it since I've owned it and figured it was about time for a fresh air filter.

I went to the local Auto Zone and told the guy at the computer what I needed so that he could look it up and give me the part number. His computer readout said that the stock air filter was a part that "didn't need to be replaced under normal driving conditions". He said it was good for the life of the vehicle.

This can't be right, even the owner's manual says to change it every 5k, is Auto Zone just retarded? or this there some validity to this claim.

I think I'll just get a performance intake, that'll solve this problem. [cheers]
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You may be confusing the cabin air filter with the engine air filter. The cabin air filter is replaced every 15k, according to the owner's manual (I think, this is from memory).

The engine air filter is gigantic, and will probably last longer than you own the car.
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