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Aftermarket Sync Systems?

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I was wondering if anyone knows about aftermarket sync car receivers? I installed a 4 channel amp running 4 Infinity Kappas 5x7, and a 2 channel amp running 2 10" rockford Punch stage 3 subs, all to the stock radio. I dont want to lose the bluetooth and sync and my steering wheel controls that all works so well. Its the only reason i dont go and buy a dash kit and replace that crap stereo. I heard of the idea of sync replacement receivers, which would be great because the money I spent on all this equipment is definitely not getting its full use. I would imagine that you would need all kinds of replacement harnesses in order to make it work. Maybe the steering wheel controls will work since thats an integrated feature of sync anyways. It would be dreamy of someone who can give me some good news!! thanks!
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If I remember right, this question was asked a while back. From the reply and also from Crutchfield I heard that since Sync is a Microsoft application, when you change out your OE radio with Sync with an aftermarket one, you lose the Sync capability.
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