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I know I know, it sounds like the simplist thing you could possibly do, think again.

here's the stuff you need to not create a sensor nightmare.
sensor? yeah, there's a clip under the seat with about 10 sensors,
unplug them and swap to after market seat frames and experiance
pahntom dash lights and permanatley activated seat belt buzzer.

here's what to do.

say you have a pair of recaros! (I bought some real cool recaro trends with air pump/power)

buy a pair of Wedge Engineering welded seat bases.. these are F.I.A. approved and look really trick as well.

Use your original mounting hardware to mount the bases. They are strong and hard to remove should a sneaky shady person decide to try and jack your seats. I know they are torx but use em anyways.

Make to retain the seatbelt wires and follow the seatbelt bucke sensor down to the clip and carefully remove it. It might break so be gentle. after loosing the stock seats plug in the seatbelt sensor to it original place. This works off of Ohm resistance, so if you cut it, a simple wire termination job will not help you. (I made that mistake)

Now just make sure your seat brakets are 16in. from bolt to bolt and install your new seats.
The wedge engineering bases come with a nice little mouting point for your old seat belts.
If you had side airbags on your svt, there is a shotgun type airbag on the passenger side.
you need to order another driver side one and swap it. They will look totally normal and will function as oem.

if you want to reatain the heated seat thing, remove coils from old seat and have reacaro or specailist install the heater elemen t beneath you seat cushion! ok I ll stop now.

best of luck.
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