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Just thought I'd pass along info regarding a great price on tires I just ordered from JC Whitney (General Tire Altimax Arctics 195/65/R15) for my Focus which I'm waiting for. All in (with taxes/shipping) came to $309.52 USD with a $50 off $200 promo code DECAJX1 (which expires tonight @ midnight Sept 15). They have new promo codes every week though so even if you have to wait, you should still be able to get a good deal.

2 yrs ago I think I paid $113/tire on sale at Cdn Tire (I think balancing was extra for me but some locations seem to give this free).

I've heard that shipping can be around 10-12 days and upto a month but seeing as I've got some time until the really cold weather hits, I figured I could risk any delay.

Now to find some 15" steel wheels!

I'd have posted this in the Wheels, Tire, Brakes & Suspension Forum but I felt that would be disrespecting the sponsor. [:I]
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