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Hey guys,

I just bought my 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 on wensday(and i love it! woot!) One of the items i have left from my ford probe (1997 2.0L) is the areospeed coilover system. I was wondering if anyone would know what i would have to check to see if i would be able to use that same system on a focus.

Its a decent system (2 years old, 1 year driven) and its an Excellent Solo2 spring, its a stiffer ride, but it did improve handeling on the probe well. I wouldnt mind using them, but obviously i like to err on the side of saftey and would not install them without proper knowledge of the diffreneces the coil overs could have.

Thanks guys


edit to add: opps, posted this in the wrong forum, if a mod could move this, id appreciate. Thank you.
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