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address of ford ceo?

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does anyone know address and contact name of ceo I want to write a complaint. that wasnt resolve with customer relations.
my 2012 ford focus sel steering wheel locked on me while driving on freeway. steering wheel issues are not included in my powertrain warranty. Since I bought this Car all I have is problems; Transmission was fixed in 2/2014, still having problems with that. Now its the steering wheel. I dont have any money to fix $1652.00. I just paid my moms funeral expenses and I have no money. I called the customer relations dept and asked if I could qualify for thier special adjustment program thats listed in my warranty book: which indicates they can cover all of the repairs or part of the cost. They told me "no". when you google this info on ford focus 2012 thats all you see is complaints on steering & transmission. "SHAME ON FORD"
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