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I have a 2011 S that I use for commuting 2hrs a day. I NEEDED to have cruise control and followed this thread (Installing Cruise Control on 08-11) to find out that I could replace the wheel and get it turned on at the dealer. DONE

What sucked is that I didn't have the stereo buttons. Not a huge 'need' but obviously they're nice to have since they're already sitting on the steering wheel.

I tried to see if the dealer could turn those on at the same time as the Cruise, but after "trying for 2 hours" they told me it was IMPOSSIBLE.

Well....they don't have FORScan, but hey I do!

After for legitimately trying for two hours, I was able to get it. I won't walk you through the process, instead I'll make it super simple.

On line 727-01-01 in the ACM, my As-Built WAS 0040-D08B-E0AB

With working Steering Wheel Controls, it is NOW 0040-08BE-063C

If you simply change yours to read like that, it should work perfectly. You must make this change under the "ACM As-Built" Make sure you save your as-built info first thing just in case you have an issue(but you shouldn't)

I've been using FORScan for about 5 years on a 2013 F-150, and now a 2017 F-150 along with the Focus now. Very thankful for it. FORScan is a free software found at and you'll need to look in the FAQ's on the FORScan site to find out how to get a (free) extended license.

This is the adapter I use. Whatever you get, make sure it has the high/low switch

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