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Adding Fog Lights to a Studio Model

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I am looking to add a set of fog lights to my focus which comes with none as it is a base model. My questions are

1: is there pre existing wiring available to attach to the fogs or do i have to do it myself

2: Also the light switch beside the steering wheel does not have a fog light option, do i require a new one and if so is it plug and play?

The fog lights are only 40 euro on ebay but it might be a lot of hassle if it requires wiring
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The light switch will have to be switched out. Also you will need to check the fusebox to make sure you have a fuse in place. Some Focus come from the factory pre-wired, and others didn't. The only thing you can do is check under the front bumper for connectors where the foglight wiring would most likely be. The worst that can happen is that you would have to wire everything yourself.

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Keep in mind that he's asking about a Euro Mk2 Focus... Perhaps a Euro Focus forum would be better suited to this question?
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