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"Add a Fuse"...power all the time?

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I am hardwiring a radar detector using a "add a fuse". 2013 focus. Its the type that you take out a fuse, insert the original fuse in the new holder, then add a second fuse for the new item you are wiring in the second fuse position.

I tried fuse 69 (instrument cluster) and fuse 73 (data link connector). In these positions, my radar detector is on all the time with the car shut off. I want it to only come on when the car is on. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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I just put it all back was in the 80's for the radio and a bunch of other is on the right hand side when looking at the fuse holder. You need to make sure what is added is going out to the left so if a short happens, it goes back thru the fuse.
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