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So, have a 2013 Focus Sedan with just over 100k on it. Started having electrical issues. Took to the mechanic and they found issues with the active shutters in the grille. They replaced them, but issue came back. They say it's the connector. Mechanic is returning the car with no charge, but left the shutter disconnected and they said water was getting into it.

I'm assuming they are now in the open position, which is kind of what they told me with the weather being warm. Planning on keeping the car a while, but should I even be worried about the shutters? Can I safely just leave them open and drive? With summer obviously the car needs more cool air. For winter, I get that they help the motor warm up, but I had an 89 tbird and 95 chevy beretta that I don't think had them. So I'm assuming I can just run them open the rest of it's life?

Aside from a little less gas mileage, any downsides?

Just thinking that if the repair would be too much, just leave them open as is.
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