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2005 Focus ZX4 SES with a 2.0L DOHC Duratec Engine, Automatic Transmission, and 121,000 miles.

There are sevarel ways this issue starts, but it is intermittent and I have only been able to purposefully reproduce it once.

1. (Sunday) When starting the car the rpms shoot to 2k and when put into drive the car begins to pick up speed on its own. It does not pick up speed super quickly, but it went from park to 20 mph in about 30 seconds. We had to put the car into neutral and restart the car to get it back to normal.

2. (Monday) Driving down the freeway in construction 50 mph when letting off the gas the car did not slow down it stayed its current speed then slowly started to climb. It went from 50 to 55 in about 2 minutes then we pulled over, stopping the car while it was still trying to speed up. The car was then put into park and the rpms shot thru the roof just before we turned it off.

3. (Tuesday) I took it out for a test drive to see if I could recreate the issue.. Success, if you could call it that... I was in 3rd gear when I floored it and when I let off the gas the rpms dropped to 2k but the car did not slow down. I pulled off the road and stopped in a parking lot putting the car in neutral the car was still running at 2k rpms. I then lightly tapped the gas pedal, to see if I could unstick whatever seemed to be stuck open, the rpms shot up to 6k and stayed there so I quickly shut off the engine.

The only work we have done to the car is a new alternator last November. We get regular oil changes at the dealership and new batteries every couple years out here in the desert. The only work Ford has recommended to us in the past is a transmission flush and a new cabin air filter.

Has anyone had a similar issue?
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