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'Fraid the short question is gonna get short answers.

It really starts with "how bad a leak"? Slow enough to add a little every year or two is often left alone.

Worse than that needs tracing down. More dye/refrigerant can be added to recheck after more driving if no traces can be found at a first check.

A/C dye is green & shows up better with black light. Test lights/glasses are avail. to make it easier to see, at the "Pro" level there are leak detector sniffers avail. (expensive).

If you find a leaking joint (O=ring) it's often recommended to replace all those possible before vaccuming the system (you can test for a good fix with the vaccum& it needs doing) then refilling.

Dual gauge A/C service setup & vacuum pump needed to do all that, there's a "stickie" up top with A/C service info..
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