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ABS Light - On when it feels like it

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My ABS light has been coming on whenever it feels the need. It will come on in the middle of when i'm driving. It will come on when I start up the car for a little while then dissapear. It will come on soon after I start it. It will come on and then I will restart the car and it will turn off. I'd take it in if it was consistent (as a light it suppose to work) but it seems so willy nilly. But its strange because it is ONLY my ABS light. What do you guys think.
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My first guess with such behavior would be a loose/broken wire somewhere, or a loose/corroded connector. I would inspect the ABS wiring to the sensors as the first easy step.

I would also flush the brakes and get new brake fluid into the system if you have never done this since new (sometimes crud forming in the system can affect valves and actuators).
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