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About 2 weeks ago I was driving and I noticed the ABS and the Break light flicker on and off so I pulled over and checked my break fluid and it is good.
Next time I drove the car the radio started turning of the right back on. Drove where I was going and on the way home it kept turning the radio on and off and this time the ABS and break light would come on and stay on wile the radio was off then they turn off and the radio turned back on so I took the car to my usel shop.
He looked it over because I had my rear break replaced about 1 month before to make sure that it wasn't a break problem and he pulled of a ABS code. He never heard of the code and he said it would have to go to ford cause it was something about a battery pack and he didn't even know the car had one on the ABS system. So I made a appointment with ford.
Was driving back home and it started to keep doing the radio and ABS/Break light thing more and more and at 1 point the speedometer kinda dropped and I had a snapshot device plugged in and it was beeping like either I was hitting the break to hard or when I turned the car on. At this point I thought maybe that the snapshot was the problem so I pulled over turned the car off and unplugged it.
After that the car ran fine till yesterday when the radio started turning off and on again till I got to where I was going.
Then when I was getting ready to leave town the ABS/Break lights would also come on just like before when the radio was of. So I decided to go to autozone to get fuses so I can check and replace them. On the way there it stared doing it very bad, I did have the headlights and my heater going, so I turned them of to see if that would help and it stopped the rest of the way to autozone. I replaced the radio fuse and kept the heater and headlight off on the way home and I had no problem. The fuse did not look bad by the way.

Been looking around on the internet and when it first did it I found someone who had same problem, one of his battery cables wasn't tight. So checked them and there tight. Been looking more and I seen where other have been having the same problem but they never said what the problem was. Also since the car ran fine I didn't take it to ford.

I live in the country and I am kinda scared of the car dyeing on my way in or out of the city. Can someone please help me and post what made there cars do this and how they fixed it.
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