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I have a 2005 with 2.0 and my roll-pin just sheared. There is a lot of good information here. I am posting this to share additional useful tip not covered.

If you have to do one or the other, it's a good time to take care of both. If the roll-pin hasn't been done before, do it before it breaks. If it does break, you will have to have your car towed.

Important point: aftermarket part shows transmission mount fits 2000-2011.
For example Belkamp 620-1344. If you want to do it correct, this is incorrect.
My guess is that to make it fit over a wide range, they're making a compromise for both applications.

The part you need for the 2005-2007 with 2.0L and manual transmission is

8S4Z-7M121-A which the aftermarket part cross reference to is visually indistinguishable, but it is not the same. Both part numbers are still current in Ford, so there must be something different, perhaps the rubber hardness or minute dimension differences. If in doubt, shop by your VIN.

Shift tower:

Use 35mm length x 6mm diameter allen bolt (female hex) and a matching nylon locknut. Don't go to Home Depot or Lowes. You won't find the right one. Go to Ace Hardware. 12.9 hardness is supposed to be the ideal one. It has a finish that is matte black similar to impact sockets.

Some members indicated difficulty getting the broken pin out. Here's how I did it. Use a 3/16 drill bit you don't care about ruining and a small hammer to punch out the broken parts of pins. Turns out the sharp tip on the drill bit helps keep the punch in place while you do this. If there is a part sticking out, you could grab it with piers and try to pull it out while twisting back and forth.

There was a considerable amount of oily mess on the top of my transmission. When I was pulling out the shift tower, I noticed there's loctite like stuff inside the inner diameter of the bolt hole so I believe the flange is supposed to be sealed. Scrape off the old peeling clearcoat like stuff off the underside and top part of transmission case really well and wipe off all the oil with mineral spirits.

If you desire, pump out the transmission fluid. Visually inspect inside for debris. Remove drain plug. pour new fluid from the top and keep filling until it starts to drip from the plug. Reinstall plug. Good thing to do while you have it apart.

Make sure the top of the transmission and bottom of the tower are squeaky clean. Apply grey RTV under the flange. Assemble shifter into place. Use Blue Loctite on bolts.
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