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It's been about 2 years, and finally, I got a check engine light.

I have, as you guys know, a 2003 SE w/SPI with about 87K mi.

My light came on yesterday coming back from school. It's been running a little rough lately, but I haven't really worried about it till now.

My brother has been driving it back and forth to charlotte and greensboro for about 4 months every day, putting about 150 or 200 a day depending. He told me that monday, after he had been driving for about an hour the Temp gauge still read just above cold, which is odd, because usually it runs center or a little over....

My first guess is that the Thermostat is shot..... But I don't really know....

Any guesses guys?!?! I really don't have the money to do anything right now and I've only got an hour a day in auto shop class, in which, being the shop forman, have 1 or 2 full services a day to do... so lay it down and give me some potential solutions!!!

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To be completely sure, you will have to pull the code through the OBD II port.

However, based on what you've said, the code generated (i.e. check engine light) is probably the temperature sending unit and not the thermostat.
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