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So I've spent the last three weeks tweaking my stereo. Installing Infinity 5 x 7's. Using Fatmat in all the doors. I then removed the rear deck and fatmatted it and put foam to reduce vibration and the same with the headliner. Then some fatmatting in the trunk. Finally got all those iritating buzzes and distortions taken care of...

Now for actually mounting my Infinity Basslink T. I have an '00 Sedan Zetec. It fits perfectly behind the seats. But I have no way to mount it because I dont have any of the mounting hardware. To anyone not familiar with this it is an all in one subwoofer system.

I was going to use some brackets that are an "L" shape. I was going to drill a couple holes in the floor of the trunk on either side immediately behind the seats. Does anyone know if this is a bad idea? If there is anything such as a gas tank or something else important back there?

Thanks so much. This site has been invaluable to me through this whole process. But so far I have the best stereo I have ever put together. So thanks to everyone who has put info up about removing headliners, sound deadening, speaker installation, and on and on...
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