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My daughter's 2001 started short cycling the compressor and not blowing real cold. It was working, but not right. I figured it needed a little freon.

I bought a top off kit with low pressure side hose and gage locally. The fitting that snapped onto the low side port was plastic inside and it was JUNK. No matter how carefully I tried to line it up and snap it on it just wouldn't go and seal.

Back to the store to buy the slightly more expensive ALL METAL version of the same thing. Went on and off perfectly.

I used to service these things and sold my tools long ago. Read the instructions that come with the kit - and open and close the valve for 4-5 seconds a t a time. Add a little, close the valve, check the low side running pressure. CREEP up on the right charge. It's easy after you get the rt front wheel liner partially removed.
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