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A/C problems ... works/doesnt work

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Sometime my AC will be cold then it will start to get warm. I turn it off for a few minutes and sometime it comes back. Strange. I have a cheap AC pressure's one of those gauges that look like a tire gauge. Where is the low side?
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i had this same problem with my 03' zx3, i it was the relay. i turned the car on it wasn't working so i just wiggled all the relays (i don't have the owners mannual 4 my car and if u look their not labled) and then i hit the right one and it turned on. i think its the one closest to the windsheild/driverside of the car, should be black. never had a problem since. relays r like $12-$15 if u want to replace it.

and for any newbies out there reading this the relays are locacted in that little black box under your hood above the air filter. let me know if this works.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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