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my a/c doesn't work. for that matter, my heat doesn't work either! when i turn the dial from 1-3, nothing happens. no air blows out. when i put it on 4, the fan works, but i don't get a/c on 4. i checkthe the a/c recirculated air fuse. its not blown. i almost got in a major accident the other day 'cause my car fogged up and it was downpouring and i had no a/c to help defog the car. PLEASE HELP!!!! i'm so ready to get rid of this car! [V]

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wow, this seems to be a popular topic this week... it's posted 4 times by 4 members.. anyway, heres a how to for replacing the resistor, since that soulnds like at least part of your problem (no idea why the a/c wouldn't be working on 4, unless you just didn't wait for the evap to cool down, it takes longer at full blast)

Sting2324 said:
After doing some searching, I found this write up done by, ModemJunki where the OP had the problem with 1-3 not working and after it was replaced, it fixed his problem.

It's easier than it looks on paper. I removed and replaced it in <5 minutes. My resistor pack is bright Ford blue.

You will need:
A. The new resistor pack.
B. An 8mm socket and suitable handle (one of those flexible ones did the trick).
C. A flashlight.
D. Opposable thumbs (should be standard issue on the higher primates).

Step by step:
1. Open the glovebox, and empty it.
2. Squeeze the sides of the glovebox and drop it down.
3. Squeeze the tab on the connector to the resistor pack (hidden in the pic below, it's on the left).
4. Remove the 8mm hex-head screw holding the resistor pack. Once loosened, it can be unscrewed by hand (don't drop the screw!).
5. Lift the resistor pack from the bottom, it swings up and out.

Installation is the reverse of removal. Don't overtighten that screw!
Let us know if this fixes your Focus!

I managed to get this part taken out. It could be a PITA to get to if you don't have the required parts. I personally used an 8inch extension, and a philps screwdriver bit to remove that single screw. That blue part came off rather easier and upon looking at mine it appears to have a silver..burnt effect on the side that you see in the above picture. I called Ford to order a replacement, but they closed at noon today and don't open until 8AM on Monday. It's also a fairly inexpensive part..$10-$20

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