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03 focus se--My poor sister n law is heating up due to menopause--

Putting a/c compressor in and accumulator. Compressor comes with 1.5 oz installed already. 134 has been vacuumed out. I will drive to shop and have it vacuumed and recharged when done.

Question 1-- about pag oil. How much oil added to compressor and accumulator???

REad i count ounces coming from old compressor when drained and if less 1 oz then add 2 oz. If more then 2 oz then add same amount.

Your thoughts?? Does half go into accumulator and 1/2 into compressor?

Question 2: saw on utube--oil added to compressor then turn clutch wheel 5 times. Video showed be done prior to installing. Plug inlets up after. Won't the oil spill out after bolting down and and beginning to put lines back??

I will flush out condenser and evaporator line --using miner spirits and compressor. A mechanic told me that he uses mineral spirit.

thanks scott
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