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9007 or 9004

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i have noticed that 9004 bulbs are the same as 9007 except for where the elliments(sp?) are located. i was wondering if any 2005-7 owners have tried out the 9004's to see what difference there is in the light pattern.

the 9007's ellements =

the 9004's ellements ii
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i'm not talking about swapping for a lower wattage, the bulbs i've been looking at are in the 80-100w range. i was just interested to see if anyone has done it to see how the been pattern was affected. i've tried out a couple of different higher wattage bulbs and they messed up the why the light is reflected inside the housing. my thought was that since the 9004 bulb's filaments sit flat they might through out a flatter beam of light. i guess it would be easier to just go to wally land and get a seven dollar bulb and try it out...
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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